About me

Johan Bergman

Internet lover and geek since a young age later turned UX Designer.

I have been hooked ever since I discovered the Internet at a friend’s place at age 13 (around 1996), and demanded that my parents got an Internet connection.

I am both a strong believer in being scientific and practice usability methods such as user-centered design, and also of learning by doing (I took my first website production steps by copying other’s HTML code and adding a few GIF animations here and there).

The curious enthusiasm of “trying, failing and then trying again” I have tried to keep. Since then I have also gotten a solid methodological foundation with my master’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction.

I have an entrepreneurial spirit, and to satisfy it, I have always been honing my skills (and had a great time doing it) by doing web projects with friends and doing various freelancing work next to education and “proper work”.

I keep up to date on industry progress by following too many pundits and blogs. I am an avid Daring Fireball reader and I read Hacker News daily. Though I have focused on the “soft” side of the digital coin I am no stranger to what happens on the inside of the internet machinery.


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