Information Architecture for booking confirmations and tickets

Creating a better customer experience and less support requests.

Information Architecture for booking confirmations and tickets


Apollo and its sister company Falk Lauritsen send hundreds of thousands of tickets and booking confirmations each year, both via email and printed copies. The old documents were hard to understand and also generated a lot of support requests. They also lacked possibilities for “up sale” promotions.

About the project

Working agile, Johan came up with a new concept and information architecture for both the booking confirmations and tickets. The new emails and PDFs were much easier to read and understand, and they also contained “up sale” promotions. The new templates could also be used for all of Apollo’s different travel products which lowered costs for development and administration.


Customers could more easily read and understand important travel information which resulted in less support requests. The company not only saved money, they also earned more thanks to the “up sales” promotions included in the emails.

Kuoni Travel Group
(Project no longer online)
What I did
  • Conceptual Development
  • Information Architecture
  • Prototyping

A screenshot of the ticket Attached ticket (as a PDF).

A screenshot of the booking confirmation Attached ticket (as a PDF).