New version of Keywatch

A new responsive version of the popular B2B sales tool KeyWatch.

New version of Keywatch


Keywatch is a popular tool for B2B salesmen within the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods industry. With Keywatch, salesmen can share photos and knowledge with colleagues as well as report campaign results with their managers.

About the project

With limited resources (both budget and time wise) Johan managed to design and develop a new responsive version of Keywatch. By using the frontend framework Bootstrap as the foundation, Johan started building an interactive prototype which was implemented step by step during the project. The new version was also tested with selected users.


The new version had a more straightforward and photo focused experience. By utilizing responsive design the tool was now also much easier to use directly in the stores.

Key Plan Solution AB
Fast-Moving Consumer Goods
What I did
  • Rapid prototyping
  • User tests